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Chuck Norris

(sung to the tune of Airborne Ranger) 

I see the bearded ninja 

Alone upon the hi-ill 

His name is Chuck Norris 

And kill I know he wi-ill 


Chuck No - orr - rr - iss 

Round hou-ou-ou-ou-se kick! 

Now, Chuck's not a surgeon 

But he knows some tri-icks 

The quickest way to a man's heart 

Is with Chuck Norris' fi-ists 


If you get out of li-ine 

Chuck will put you in your pla-ace 

The power of a roundhouse kick 

Can be seen from outer spa-ace 


If you can see Chuck Norris 

Then he can see you-ou 

If you can not see-ee him 

He's prob'ly right behind you 


Don't break the law in Texas 

You'll put yourself in danger 

Chuck Norris' twin brother 

Is Walker Texas Ranger 


He doesn't have a chin 

But should still be fear-ed 

Legend tells of a third fist 

Behind his magnificent be-eard