Extra Gear

This page will feature miscellaneous items you can purchase that I have either found useful or that I just think are cool.

Rite in the Rain: Green Tactical Notebook

These came in real handy for me during our FTXs. I was able to keep journaling despite any soggy weather. 

Rite in the Rain:Pen


These came in real handy for me during our FTXs. I was able to keep journaling despite any soggy weather. 

Rite in the Rain: Spiral Notebook


Another version of the notebook I like.

Rite in the Rain: Kit - Includes notebook, pen, & ACU Cover


I wish I would have come across this before. Everything you need, all in one handy kit!

Nike SFB


This was my favorite boot by far. Very comfortable, almost like wearing a running shoe! I purchased mine via the US Patriot website (Free Shipping!)



Here are some of the iOS apps I've found handy (most are free or almost free):
AFN Europe (Stay up to date on all things Armed Forces Europe)
Army Fitness APFT Calculator (Nice to have handy to check scores)
Evernote (Stay organized and remember everything)
JBLM MWR (The MWR App for Joint Base Lewis McChord)
RunKeeper (Used to track runs, walks, hikes, etc.)
White Noise (Drown out external noise and helps with better sleep)

InterDesign Soft Soap Case


Soap Case (Great to store soap during Basic & AIT...and if you're unfortunate enough to live in barracks with community showers)

Radius Toothbrush Case


A good idea to keep your toothbrush from getting nasty during Basic & AIT.

Master Lock 1500T Combination-Alike Locks


Locks are a must while in the army! The saying goes "There's only one thief in the army, everyone else is just trying to get their stuff back"