Miscellaneous Links

Preparing for basic:

Below are some online resources to use while preparing for Basic Training:

550Cord.com: Contains a number of stuff, but what made me bookmark the site was it’s “Army Fitness Calculator”. Just punch in the numbers and it gives you your score.

ArmyBasic.org: Contains a lot of useful information as well as forums to discuss pretty much everything Army

ArmyStudyGuide.com: Contains a bunch of information to help prepare yourself for the Army

FutureSoldiers.com: The official army website for future soldiers...and the families of future soldiers

ProProfs Flashcards (Army Rank & Insignia): I used to memorize all the rank and insignia

The basics you will need to memorize:

Army General Orders

Army Phonetic Alphabet

The Army Song

The Army Values

The Soldier’s Creed

Basic Training (Fort Benning):

Fort Benning Facebook Page:

http://www.facebook.com/fortbenningfans (discussion groups and photos posted)

AIT (Fort Gordon):

The Signal Corps March

Yongsan Korea:

Facebook Pages:

Yongsan: http://www.facebook.com/youryongsan

USO Korea: http://www.facebook.com/pages/USO-Korea/118439231514980

Twitter Pages:

Yongsan: http://twitter.com/USAGYongsan

USO Korea: https://twitter.com/usokorea

Other Pages:

Official USFK (United States Forces Korea) Website: http://www.usfk.mil/usfk/ (Full of good info)

USAG Baden-Württemberg Germany:

Facebook Pages:

BWNow (Baden-Wuerttemberg) https://www.facebook.com/bwnow

Other Pages:

Bookoo Website: http://heidelberg.bookoo.com/ (Used like craigslist here to buy and sell items...very useful)

German Places: http://www.germanplaces.com (A great website to find all about places to visit in Germany)

Hide My Ass: http://hidemyass.com (Used to protect your online surfing as well as provide a US IP if needed to stream video)

Travel Europe:

German Places: One of the many websites I used to plan our driving trips around Germany
Ryan Air: An extremely cheap (no frills) airline that we used a couple of times
Sato Vacations: The travel company located on post, they have some cool packages...but we only used them to purchase tickets for my kids to come visit for the summer
United European Airlines (Bus Tours):  We went on a few trips using this company - a great way to see some cool places

Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM):

Facebook Pages:

Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) https://www.facebook.com/JBLewisMcChord


Other Pages:

JBLM ACAP: https://www.facebook.com/JBLM.ACAP (A great resource for those about to transition out of the military)

JBLM MWR: http://www.jblmmwr.com (Find stuff to do...get out and about!) (There is also an iOS app available)

Other General Army Information:

Army Staff Descriptions: (Ever wonder what S1 or S2 are? Wikipedia will explain it all to you)
The Army Times: The National Enquirer of the Army

SkillPort: (SkillPort - Get Promotion Points)

http://twitter.com/USArmy(US Army Twitter Page)

Rack Builder: (An easy to use website that shows how to build your rack of ribbons and medals)

For A Good Laugh:

Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said (A Facebook page about crazy things in basic & Drill Sergeants)

U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments (A Facebook page with Army humor and submitted funny photos)