100% - Day 21

posted Nov 21, 2011, 1:08 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Friday, July 9, 2010)

Woke up this morning expecting a normal day ready for my A+ test. After I was ready for PT and about to head downstairs for formation we found out that we were not having PT and we needed to be dressed in ACUs. I changed clothes and headed downstairs wondering what the heck we were going to do this morning. This of course made me and about half the company at least one minute late for formation and one of our sergeants was at the bottom of the stairs making everyone who was late write their name on the white board. Great...I wonder what that will bring. I got out to formation and they did roll call. Then the sergeant started calling off a bunch of names including mine. We all had to form up in another formation.

After standing and wondering what this was all about we found out that we were picked at random for a pee test (to test for drugs). We all had to gather in the day room and wait. We were given water “to help facilitate the process” which was good because most of us already went pee first thing in the morning when we were getting ready. They had one sergeant doing all the paperwork and collecting/distributing of the little bottles, so the process was painfully slow. It actually took almost 3 hours for the entire process. By the time I went I had downed 3 big glasses of water and was doing everything I could to hold it in. Finally I went with 6 other guys into the bathroom where we filled our little bottles under the watchful eye of another sergeant. What a relief! We then brought the bottles back to the day room held over our right shoulders and turned them in. I’m not worried about them finding any drugs in my system, but if they check for chocolate milk they may think I’m overdosing. Because of the length of this whole process a lot of us missed breakfast....grrrrrrr. We had to head straight to class formation and head to class.

Good news is I took the A+ test and scored 100%. Now we’re on to CCNA 1. We started the class, but because of internet troubles we didn’t get a whole lot done. We did get our books and some homework.

Internet has been down all day today in the barracks. That sucks, especially for how much we have to pay for it.

More good news, the supreme floor commander came in and said to go ahead and move to the lower bunk. Great! I moved all my crap and bedding. I can now say I’m in a much better area of the room (away from the door) and I’m on the bottom bunk which is awesome.

Overheard Quote: “Chuck Norris went through puberty in the second trimester” (A private in formation giving out random Chuck Norris facts)