A+ Last Day - Day 20

posted Nov 21, 2011, 1:08 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Thursday, July 8, 2010)

Today was another typical day at AIT. PT, breakfast, class, lunch, class, and then dinner. I had a CQ shift at 18:00 - 20:00 which turned out to be a great shift. I sat by the front doors and watched them. There are usually two girls and two guys on a given CQ shift I guess. The girls sat at the desk where they answer the phone. Me and another guy sat at the doors and watched them. We are supposed to check IDs if we don’t recognize the person and also check any contraband. There was the normal formation at 16:00 that I didn’t have to go to, then for whatever reason they had another at 19:00 which I didn’t have to go to. I was able to sit in the air conditioning while everyone else stood for a half hour for each formation in the hot sun. I also heard almost every single soldier that came in and out of the doors exclaim how much they hate this place.

Our night sergeant is very lazy. He has now started taking night attendance by making everyone line up with their ID card at 21:00. Not a huge deal, but it actually takes a long time to complete and eats up into my personal time, time I use to video chat with my wife and kids. So it’s just another one of those things that piss me off here.

Enough about all the negative stuff.....today was the last day of my A+ class. We take our final test tomorrow and then start CCNA 1. For anyone who is interested in what our A+ class consisted of here is what we went over:

•    Understanding A+ Standards

•    Introducing Hardware

•    Form Factors and Power Supplies

•    Identifying Motherboards

•    Upgrading Memory

•    Maintaining Hard Drives

•    Supporting I/O Devices

•    Understanding Multimedia Devices & Mass Storage

•    Introducing Operating Systems

•    Introducing PC Repair Fundamentals

•    Maintaining Notebooks, Tablet PCs and PDAs

•    Supporting Printers & Scanners

•    Maintaining PCs On a Network

•    Securing Your PC and LAN

    Identifying The Professional PC Technician

    Maintaining The Windows 2000/XP

For the most part this class was entirely review, so I decided not to study for the test since I didn’t have much free time anyway tonight. Hopefully the test will go ok tomorrow.

Overheard Quote: “Hey is it ‘Man Love Thursday’ tomorrow?” (called out by a guy in formation. I didn’t ask and I don’t want to know about that)