All Good Things Must End - Day 60

posted Nov 22, 2011, 3:05 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Monday, August 16, 2010 )

The weekends here especially at RBK are very nice. Everyone looks forward to them all week long. The only problem is that they don’t last long enough. This morning was normal enough, wake up and go to formation. I decided to chance it and not shave this on the edge. I knew I was going to have to shave before recall formation and our morning formation is pretty informal. We just did roll call and then we were set free until recall formation at 16:00

I didn’t do much today, ate my normal weekend breakfast of Pop Tarts, then later on went to the PX for some supplies and ate lunch there. By dinner time we went over to the charlie DFAC in a light sprinkle of rain. Everyone from RBK ended up having our recall formation in the Charlie day room because of the rain. The rest of Charlie had to form up in each of their rooms. All the sergeant did was call off everyone’s names and we had to show that we had our dog tags and ID card.

The day got a little more crappy when we arrived back at the RBK building. The sergeant wouldn’t let anyone back in the building. He wanted everyone to wait outside until all the companies arrived back. We made one big formation (which we never do on Sunday nights at RBK). The sergeant came out and started bitching and moaning about people up on the second floor having dirty rooms, eating in their rooms, leaving their lockers unlocked, and leaving valuables out. He went over how we will all get sick and spend half our military careers here at Fort Gordon trying to get well and pass our classes. He went on and on and on for 45 minutes. He went over how we will end up in jail if we let battle buddies borrow our cars. This is because they will crash the car and somehow because we own it, we will go to jail. I guess he was trying to relate this to letting buddies borrow your laptop. I think he was mainly just waisting time making us stand in formation. He also said that we are no longer allowed to eat anything in the barracks. If we order delivery we have to eat it outside “I don’t care if it’s raining or 130 degrees out” After formation he said we all have to clean and then report back for another formation at 21:00.

This put a damper on an otherwise nice relaxing Sunday. It’s crap like this that I hate about the army. Things that are either just a waste of time, or getting in trouble because some other ass is a slacker.

Next surprise is the student leader ship came through and did room inspections. They were told if our rooms are not squared away that they will lose their weekend privileges, so this has lit a fire under their butt. They are going through everyone’s rooms with a fine tooth comb.

12:00 formation was a pain in the butt. We did roll call, then the sergeant wanted to know who had his sharpie pen. The guy who borrowed it loaned to another who loaned it to another and so on. We all ended up in the “front leaning rest” until he got his pen back. I’m so looking forward to going to sleep and starting a new day tomorrow.