Capstone - The End - Day 141

posted Nov 26, 2011, 7:02 PM by Brandon McGuire

Me and PFC Metal hanging out on the FOB

(Original Date: Saturday, November 6, 2010)

Wake up this morning was at 3:45 AM. We had formation at 4:30 AM and then breakfast. We then proceeded to turn in our sleeping bags. Once they were turned in we cleaned up our tents. After the tents were cleaned we took everything out of inventory and had to count all the items. It is so freakin' cold here. The heater was turned on in one of the girls tents. There was always a number of people in there hanging out trying to stay warm. Even with layers of clothes on the cold wind cuts through like a knife. A sergeant would come in and grab a number or all of the people to perform a certain cleaning task…shortly after that people would find their way back to the tent. 

We then had a shakedown to make sure nobody had any contraband. We all lined up and emptied our bags. No MRE food was allowed out, so there was a lot of people throwing that stuff away. 

10:30 - 11:45 we ate lunch out in the parking lot. They didn't want to dirty up the FOB DFAC since it had all been cleaned. After that we had some more induction ceremony practice.

13:00 Finally we had the induction ceremony. There was a lot of brass there including the colonel. When they pinned our regimental crest on us, they would ask questions like where we were heading and such and welcomed us to the signal corps. The colonel took his time and shook hands with each of us. Once that was through we were dismissed. We waited for transportation back to Charlie….so glad to be leaving this place!!

When we got back to Charlie company I took a long hot shower…I must have been in there for a half hour. It felt so good. Capstone really sucked, but I'm glad I went through and finished it. So many shammers got out of it somehow or another. I'm glad it's finally done.

We celebrated by ordering some Hungry Howie's cajun crust pizza! So good!!! Later on at night we went to Keglers and had a few beers to celebrate finishing AIT…all we have left is the actual graduation ceremony!!!!!

PFC Metal holding all our weapons while we use the facilities