CPN - Day 103

posted Nov 24, 2011, 3:20 PM by Brandon McGuire

Me after arriving back in our barracks. The room was freezing! I had to quickly put on my winter PT uniform to try and stay warm and comfortable

(Original Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2010)

PT this morning we did ability group runs. I ran in C group again. The young Hawaiian was promoted this time to B group lol. After all was said and done we only had 5 people left in C group. I think the other usual folks were all on profile, that left me, PFC Metal, our roommate (Pvt LD), and the old Hawaiian plus another guy. I would say it was a perfect run to ease into the week again. We jogged 3.2 miles up Victory hill and back.

We went to our first full day of CPN class today. We found out that a CPN is actually a big suitcase type device that when opened up has a router, switch and everything else you need to setup a network in the field all in compartmentalized portable units. The instructors are going over everything so fast and there are so many acronyms it really is hard to follow. I’m having a hard time even trying to figure out what to take notes on. I’ve talked to everyone in our class and right now nobody is tracking on what is going on. This is a little contradictory to what I’ve heard about CPN, because everyone says it’s easy. Hopefully the slide shows will get a little more focused and we can actually figure out what is overview and what we need to know for the test.

It started to rain today and PFC Metal and I were the only ones to have rain gear...nice! We both have ACU print ponchos that fold up to next to nothing. The nice thing about this class is the schedule. We get out for lunch break before the big rush from Dixon Hall (where all our other classes are) and we also get out about an hour before everyone else as well. 

Getting out early gives us a little extra time, but we cannot head back to RBK until the formation at 18:30. So PFC Metal, me, and the Hawaiians decided to hang out at the IET center for a while. We then walked to the RFAC to eat and hung out at the library until we could head back to RBK.