Ex-KGB - Day 89

posted Nov 24, 2011, 5:56 AM by Brandon McGuire

A photo of PFC Metal and how he looks before going to bed. Both of us sleep on top of our beds so they don’t get messed up. I wear my winter PTs to sleep, but he makes a cocoon out of a fitted sheet and sleeps in it. 

(Original Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010)

Didn't update yesterday (Sunday)...I was pretty much out of commission all day. That Crown and Coke did me in, I drank a little more than I had planned. So I just kind of took it easy all day and studied for Security+. I started feeling better by about the time we had to go to recall formation. One really nice nice thing about being Phase V+ is that I dont have to get up for the morning formation at all and I don't have to shave until shortly before recall formation...so no more shaving twice a day on Sundays.

This morning PT we had ability group runs again. As usual I got into C group. Sgt Kent came over to C group and told the old Hawaiian that he is being promoted to B group. The old Hawaiian was a little shocked (he recently moved to RBK and just started doing PT with all of us). He told the sergeant But sergeant Im 36! The sergeant said So, Im 37 and Im running with you guys. The sergeant then looked at me and said You're coming too. Great I have to run in B group again...grrrrr. Somehow, at some point I ended up in front after a couple wagon wheels and the sergeant said I have to stay up front and make the pace. Thats fine...well all run at the C group pace, which is what we did until we were released to run as fast as possible for the last quarter mile or so back.

In class I fell asleep again. It always seems to happen after lunch while Im sitting in my chair all comfortable. I had to stand up, then at the next break I got a Mountain Dew. That did the trick. After that class went on as normal until all of a sudden the internet went down. Which by itself isn't a big deal, it happens every once in a while. This time we found out that it was taken down on purpose.

Internet goes down all of a sudden two guys come in and unplug the instructors PC from the network. They say it is infected and they have to send his PC to Virginia. He can't save any of his files off either. The class is told now is a good time for a break. The guys then proceed to take out his hard drives and his computer is given a new imaged hard drive so we can continue class after the break.

Makes me wonder if there was anything wrong with his computer at all. Is our teacher an ex-KGB agent? Is he in a sleeper cell? Perhaps our agents are on to him and they are using the excuse of an infected computer to do some more thorough examination of it. What’s funny is that later on our class leader said in their meeting the story of this incident had grown. The other people in their meeting were telling him that they heard agents came repelling through the ceiling and then took his computer...LOL.

After class resumed and got back to normal we could hear the instructor in the classroom next to us say “So you didn’t do your homework? Front leaning rest position...move” Unlike classes in college, you can be punished here for not doing your homework..LOL (Our classroom is divided by a thin accordion type wall that can be opened or closed making one big room or two smaller rooms. The wall provides a little dampening of the noise, but you can still hear a lot of what’s going on in the other class.)

After class we got back to RBK and everyone was outside in a formation. (Never a good sign). We arrived at the very end of the brief. I guess there was an allegation of a sexual assault in the brigade. So we were told not to put ourselves in any situation that something like this could happen. We were also told the unfortunate news that we will have to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and be in our PT uniforms with our phase badges. We were not told why, just that our company will be over at 4AM to pick us up. Rumors are flying and everyone is a little upset. I’ll be going to bed at least a half hour early tonight to try and get a little extra sleep.

Overheard Quote: “Hello Kitty represents all that is lame” (Our instructor uses Hello Kitty references a lot in class. I think he may be a closet fan)