Finally Friday - Day 44

posted Nov 21, 2011, 4:48 PM by Brandon McGuire

A photo of Pvt Celtic’s tattoo. He now permanently has a “party in his pants”. The other day he was in the bathroom and while looking at himself in the mirror he said “I don’t think I should have gotten this tattoo”. LOL

(Original Date: Saturday, July 31, 2010)

Today was another squirt gun day, both PFC Metal and I brought our guns and randomly shot people from both sides. It was pretty funny. Class today was tough, the room was hot and everyone including me was having a hard time staying awake. Finally the teacher made everyone stand up. She'll do this from time to time, sometimes she'll ask random questions about our subject matter and if a standing person gets it right they get to sit down.

We had our usual Friday safety briefing after school. Sergeant Cujo started off stating that if we see him outside of the base on his off hours that we should not even look at him. Don't smile, do an about face and walk the other way. This guy is so into himself, like I would want to speak with him unless I have to. I guess his wife doesn't like privates or something and he gets chewed out if they approach him when she is around. Heard the normal items and then the sergeants were calling off some names to give them some weekend passes and they were not there. That set off a whole series of speeches about important it is not to miss formations. We all then had to sign on a paper for accountability, so the people that weren't there are going to get into some type of trouble. 

PFC Metal's wife came to visit and I hitched a ride back to RBK with them in a nice air conditioned car instead of marching back with the RBK formation. When we got back we waited for the formation to arrive and then enter the barracks. Once they arrived there was a lot of talking by the sergeant before he dismissed them. I was a little worried not being there hoping that he was not going to call my name out or anything. Once they finally entered we went to our room and checked with our roommates to see what went on. I guess there were a few people who didn't have their room squared away, including Pvt Celtic. Pvt Celtic didn't lock his locker, so the sergeant took everything out including some bottles he used to spit in while using dip. The sergeant poured out the gross spit all over. Yuck. He had to clean it all up and he now has a locker inspection tomorrow at 11:00. The SOP here at RBK is a lot stricter than Charlie, so you really want to keep your stuff in order. You really don't want any extra attention brought on yourself.

Later on in the night PFC Metal and his wife invited me to go bowling with them at Gordon Lanes. We had a pretty good time, but the line for the beer was extremely long so we only ended up getting one pitcher to drink for the whole night. It's always nice to get away from the barracks in civilian clothes for a while. I managed to bowl a 191 with a house ball which I thought was pretty good. You end up seeing a lot of people at the bowling alley and the attached restaurant because it's the only place on post that phase V & V+ are allowed to drink. So it is kind of the hang out spot on the weekends.

the wife
Um, yeah... big mistake with the tattoo. LOL - it's worse then I'd imagine.
Saturday, July 31, 2010 - 12:39 PM