M3! - Day 126

posted Nov 26, 2011, 6:17 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Friday, October 22, 2010)

I had no pt this morning...I had to get my POR form signed from the dental clinic with the young Hawaiian. We ate breakfast at the Charlie DFAC and then hung out in front of the dental office until it opened up. They signed mine right away, but it took a while for the young Hawaiian to get his taken care of. He actually had to schedule another dental appointment and if he is cleared after that, then they will sign it. We are not allowed to leave AIT until we are cleared with medical and dental.

We start M3 today. M3 is our last class here at AIT. We made it to class about an hour late, but it was all review so far. Actually the whole M3 class is a culmination of all the classes we have taken here so far. I think it mainly deals with CCNA.

After school today we did our normal dinner at the RFAC and then hang out at the library until the formation arrives at RBK. When we arrived we found out that we had to wait outside our rooms because Sgt. Kent was here telling everyone what was wrong with their rooms. (He inspected them today instead of tomorrow for some reason)

He was upstairs when we arrived and we sat with everyone else outside our room. We waited...and waited....and waited. This is one of the things that really piss me off. We have so little personal time already and when we have to spend most of it just sitting outside our room it really sucks! We ended up waiting a little over 2 hours outside our rooms. Finally he got to our room and let us know what we had wrong (everyone had at least one thing wrong). My bed was not tight enough. He had the student leadership following him through all the rooms and went over the inspections with them present. I think this was actually more for them than it was for us. After all the rooms were finished Sgt. Kent took all the leadership into the day room and chewed them out for at least a half hour. You see the leadership just changed over to all new guys because all the old ones just graduated. So Sgt. Kent had to break them all in....at our expense.

I had the first hall guard shift of the night with a guy in the room next door. The first hall guard shift is actually the best of all of them. You start at 9:30 PM and it lasts an hour, so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep and the duty is just cleaning the laundry room which isn’t too hard. 

Overheard Quote:  "CNN is like the McDonalds of news...I keep coming back to it, but it's not good for me" (a private behind me in the dental clinic where CNN is playing in the waiting room)