M3 Review - Day 133

posted Nov 26, 2011, 6:02 PM by Brandon McGuire

I posted a picture similar to this before but I thought the satellite view was a bit cooler to see. It really shows just how big Barton Field is.  The red line is our march from Charlie company to RBK which I should only be doing one more time

(Original Date: Friday, October 29, 2010)

I had hall guard this morning from 1:30 AM to 2:30 AM. The shift isn’t too bad except for the fact that I have a hard time getting back to sleep afterwards. I just tossed and turned in my bed until wake up at 4:30 AM. I then got up and got ready for PT this morning. Yes you heard me...PT! It seems like forever since I did PT. Pvt. LD asked me last night if I wanted to be his battle buddy this morning for an appointment he had, but I had to decline. I’ve missed so much PT already and I also didn’t want to be late to class today since we are reviewing for the test. 

After I was all ready the word was spread that we were to stay inside the barracks. I thought for sure we were going to do barracks maintenance instead of PT. It was raining pretty good outside and we found out after about 10 minutes that we were going to do PT in the hall. Strange...never done anything like this before. We spread out all along the hallway and did a lot of push-up and sit-up drills. There were a lot of people not doing much because the sergeants couldn’t walk around the formation and check on them. I could feel the combination of being sick and not working out in a while taking it’s toll on me. I got tired pretty quick, but I felt like I got a pretty good workout.

Today in class we did a review, which included the instructor starting off just asking random questions. These are questions pulled from our entire time here at AIT. He then started to make a game out of it he called the Um game. Everyone had to stand up and the sergeant went to each person asking them a question. If they got it correct, they could sit down. The major rule to the game was that they cannot say “um” when answering the question or else it’s wrong and they keep standing. If the person gets it wrong the question moves to the next and so on.

After lunch we practiced setting up a network using Cisco’s Packet Tracer program. This is the time we had a little fun. PFC Metal brought his laptop’s wireless mouse to the classroom and hooked the little usb receiver to the back of Pvt. Celtic’s computer before anyone came into the room. Then for the next couple of hours he would pull out his mouse and right click, maximize windows, or add a bunch of routers and switches to Pvt. Celtic’s network he was trying to build. This would all be done anytime he wasn’t looking directly at his screen. He was about to lose it. It was pretty funny. My stomach was hurting because I was laughing so hard. Finally Pvt. Celtic saw me and PFC Metal cracking up and he knew we were doing something. LOL

At some point a senior sergeant in the school house noticed a guy in our class that didn’t shave. He went and got our class leader the MOS-T sergeant in our class and ended up smoking him because his class wasn’t squared away. Needless to say our MOS-T sergeant asked everyone to shave everyday...if we don’t we’ll be cleaning all the bathrooms in the schoolhouse.

After school the Charlie sergeant who marched us over lit into Charlie company. I guess their inspection of the barracks didn’t go very well. So he was pretty pissed off and giving them all kinds of threats. Looks like we’re going to be coming back to Charlie in an interesting time.

Overheard Quote: “If you were a dude, I’d drop kick you in the chest” (Our instructor after seeing a girl in class texting on her phone - phones are not allowed in class and she was trying to hide it from him while texting under the cover of her cargo pockets in her pants)