M3 Test Out - Day 134

posted Nov 26, 2011, 6:04 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Friday, October 29, 2010)

This morning I had my last PT with Sgt. Kent. We only did our normal warm up and stretching because today is a battalion run. It is also a costume run as well. Anyone who wanted to wear a costume did. Sgt. Kent dressed up as Freddy Krueger…I guess because his in our nightmares…lol. There were also sergeants in the run dressed up as Jedi Knights, Jason (from Friday the 13th) and the command sergeant major was dressed as a cheerleader which was pretty funny. One of the funnier soldier's costumes was a guy who obviously bought a kids batman costume and forced it on. It was pretty funny. The run itself was run at a pretty slow pace and we went a little over 3 miles.

This morning in class we tested out of M3. There was a written test which included questions from our entire time here at AIT. We went over most of them in the review that we had yesterday though. There was also a hands on test that had us setup a network with two routers, two switches, and two desktops. After we finished we had to wait in the student break area until lunch. After lunch we came back and then were told our scores. I scored 100%! I believe I will graduate at the top of my class now….wow!

After we were given our scores, we just kind of hung out in the classroom for a while, then we cleaned up and left. We had a safety brief which gave us the normal don't do list. We then were told that next Friday is Centurion Challenge. This is where our companies will compete against each other in different events. We'll see if Charlie can do better than last place this time. Our commander also told us that effective immediately there are going to be some changes for people that fail out of school or can't pass their PT test. The army is over staffed at the moment and there will be no more re-class options for people in AIT. This means if someone can't pass a class or their PT test, they will be chaptered out of the army.

We left to the RFAC and then to the library, but found out it was closed. We then waited outside until the RBK formation arrived to enter our barracks. Once there we saw that there was only a few people from Charlie there. Then PFC Metal got a frantic call from Pvt. Celtic telling us that everyone was called back to Charlie. So we lock everything up and planned to get a ride from PFC Metal's wife back to Charlie. As we're running to his car we hear "STOP….Where are you soldier's going soldier's?" We then told him about the Charlie recall…he called Charlie and asked. It turned out there was no official recall, they just called everyone back that was in the area for mail call. Sgt. Kent then asked if we came over in the formation. "No sergeant, we missed the formation so we battle buddied over here". Then he looked at PFC Metal's car and asked "Who's car is that?". PFC Metal said it's his wife's car. Then the subject was changed, the sergeant told us only to believe what we hear from a  sergeant and not word of mouth from privates.

We then started packing for our move back to Charlie company. Since PFC Metal's wife had her car here we just started putting stuff in her car. Then we drove over to Charlie. Everyone else had to wait for the duty van. PFC Metal and I were told we would get a two man room, so we wanted to get everything squared away before hand. We were very disappointed. The sergeant wanted to know how many people were coming over and then proceeded to put us all in 8 man rooms. We locked up what we had and then went back to RBK for the rest of our stuff. All in all it took us three trips. I have a lot of crap! Our room has the young Hawaiian, Pvt. Celtic and one of the original roommates we had when we first started in Charlie as well as a few other guys.

We'll see how this goes…I was so looking forward to just a two man room. I am very glad that we are done with classes though…I needed the break. We have a short weekend because on Sunday we have to pack and leave for Capstone. This is the FTX (army camping) event that ends our official AIT stay here. At this event we stay at a FOB for a week with other MOSs from around Ft. Gordon. We have to setup a network for our part is what I'm told. I guess we'll see when we get there. There are no electronics allowed, so I'll be writing things down the old fashioned way and then updating the blog when I get back. The event is supposed to last a week….ugggghhhh.

Instead of the overheard quotes I'll put some quotes from Sgt. Kent that we would hear a lot during PT each morning at RBK. I won't be hearing these anymore since I'm back with Charlie:

"We gotta shake off the weekend rust" (Usually every Monday morning before a run)

"There ain't no cool way to do it" (Granted…we do look pretty stupid doing some of our exercises)

"Show me your doggone b-boy stance" (When we are stretching our thighs)

"You guys are in doggone sustainment phase now"

"Victory, where's your doggone motivation?"