Out-Processing II - Day 145

posted Nov 26, 2011, 7:07 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010)

This morning I had a CQ shift from 4AM to 6AM. CQ is basically hall guard, but at the front door of the building. PFC Metal and I sat at the front door for about a half hour. All the MOS-Q soldiers (us included) were told to meet in the day room at 4:30 AM. We went in and basically got our butt chewed from the head platoon sergeant here. He said our class of MOS-Qs are the worst he's ever seen. The complacency and the attitudes from a lot of the people in my class are pretty bad. Everyone thinks because they are leaving soon, they don't have to do anything. He was pretty pissed off. A great way to start the day.

After the meeting PFC Metal and I went back to our CQ shift while everyone else did PT. At 6AM we were finished with our shift so we took off and ate breakfast at the DFAC. Perfect timing too because we got there before everyone that was doing PT. Once finished we took our issued items (I only had a raincoat) back to return them to CIF. This is part of our out-processing checklist and the place only accepts items early in the morning and in the afternoon. Now that this is out of the way we can get everything else done and then take off with our wives since they are both here.

We formed up for the inactive formation for accountability. Out of about 40 people there were only 3 left for TAK detail…lol. Most were legitimate excuses though because we needed to do out-processing. The first place we headed was the mail center. The lady there couldn't take a minute to sign our papers because she was just too busy. She said we could wait a half hour or come back later. We've dealt with this lady before and I think she hates her life and her job. Waiting for her to actually go "postal" any day now. We decided to come back. We headed to the medical clinic where I needed to just get another paper signed, but they said I had to come back at 12:45 with the rest of the actual POR people. Grrrr…0 for 2.

We left to the commissary who told us that our company needs to update our out-processing sheets because they don't do them anymore. D'oh. We moved on to the PX and got our papers signed. I wonder why we even have to do this. All we did was walk to the manager's desk, she took our papers…stamped and signed them without even looking at our names or anything. What a waste of time. We then headed back to the mail office and there was another (just as unpleasant) lady there. We were able to fill out the required forwarding forms and then got our papers signed. PFC Metal was done and took off. My wife came and met me at Starbucks, then we left as well. 

We came back at 12:45 to get my paper signed at the medical clinic…45 minutes later I was done! We took off to the hotel and hung out until about 4:30 so I could come back and get my class a uniform on and square away my room and my locker. Everyone had to put on their class a uniforms once again and the head platoon sergeant along with the first sergeant came to do the inspections. It took forever. Both PFC Metal's wife and my wife were waiting in the company area outside. It took a little over two hours for the inspection to get finished and as expected nobody had anything perfect. The head platoon sergeant found issues with everyone in our room. It was pretty stupid. Am I going to change anything on my uniform before tomorrow's graduation….no.

We hung out with the wives for a bit and then had to return before lights out at 9:30.