Shake Rattle & Roll - Day 107

posted Nov 25, 2011, 1:32 AM by Brandon McGuire   [ updated Nov 25, 2011, 1:33 AM ]

(Original Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010)

This morning we had early wake-up at 3:30AM for the brigade run. We got ready and formed up, then marched over to Barton field to meet up with our companies. After we arrived and fell in, our entire battalion marched to the center of the field and formed up with the rest of the brigade. There were a total of 1,812 people in the run!

We ran a little over 3 miles at a pretty slow pace, so there would be no people falling out. Well that was the intent anyway, but people still fell out. There was one girl in particular that fell out hard. She collapsed and then started going into convulsions right there on the ground. By the time my group approached there were three sergeants around her and a few moments later the ambulance came to get her. Pretty crazy stuff!

After we got back I ran and jumped into the shower. On the way our Sgt. Kent was in the hall and made me and another guy drop and do push-ups because we only had towels on. It’s actually a rule that we are supposed to get dressed after taking a shower, but nobody ever does it so I was a little surprised. 

Before school everyone in 447 had to get in the front leaning rest position. You see after we sing the songs and say the soldier’s creed, we all have to pile into the break area. It takes forever to get into there because everyone is piling in at once through a small opening. Usually after a couple seconds of everyone getting in there they yell for everyone to go to class. It’s pretty stupid. So our class and our sister class decided to wait outside of the break area. Not a good idea I guess because a 551 sergeant came over and had us all get down in the front leaning rest while he told us how important it is to go into the break area. I can’t wait until this class is over and we head back to Dixon Hall for classes with our own battalion.

At lunch and after class was out for the end of the day our MOS-T sergeant formed us up and marched us across the road, then dismissed us. This was very awesome because it saved us about 15 minutes of standing at the end of the stupid 551 formation waiting for their sergeants to march us across the street.

I have a new’s called Plants vs. Zombies. PFC Metal showed it to me and it looked like fun, so I bought it for my iPhone. It sounds a little stupid, you have to use plants to protect your house from zombies. It’s quite addicting though! You can check it out here:

Plants vs. Zombies - PopCap

PFC Metal, the Hawaiians, and I all walked over to the RFAC to eat dinner. The food is just so much better over here than at the Charlie DFAC. We then waited for the formation to arrive and joined in as they arrived at RBK. We all were then told to wait outside our rooms for inspection. Great....every time this happens we end up waiting outside our rooms anywhere from a half hour to two hours waiting for the sergeant to come tell us what he found wrong.

Sgt. Kent did room inspections earlier in the day. We waited an hour and a half until he finally got to our room. When he did we found out that Pvt. StrangeLove and PFC Metal were good to go. Pvt. LD had a few things wrong (shoes were dusty and fold on bed was too big). I was good except I guess since the sergeant couldn’t find anything wrong he decided to go through my storage bag under my bed. I had a candy bar in there that was given to me after basic that I totally forgot about. I ate everything else, but left that one in there. It was packed with all the rest of my stuff and he pulled it out. Having food in the barracks is a big no no. So now Pvt. LD and I are on lock down tonight and we have to have a re-inspection tomorrow along with our wall lockers too at 10:00 AM. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t have any plans tonight. I was also told since I had food that I will have extra hall guard shifts this weekend.....bummer. I straightened up my wall locker and I’ll straighten up my bed in the morning. 

Overheard Quote: “I’m spreading it around” (One of our platoon sergeants after someone asked who farted. He was walking up and down the formation crop dusting us all)