Sleep Where Art Thou? - Day 106

posted Nov 25, 2011, 1:30 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Friday, October 1, 2010)

I had hall guard this morning from 2:30 to 3:30. What made it worse was that after my shift I was unable to get back to sleep, all I could do was toss and turn. To top it off the hour before my shift our roommate Pvt. LD was pretty loud getting ready for his shift, so it woke me up even with my ocean waves from white noise playing in my ears. 

PT this morning was muscle failure day (lots of push-ups and sit-ups), but we did not have Sgt. Kent there to motivate everyone today. He was out motivating everyone that was taking their PT tests. It was also pretty cold first thing in the morning here in our shorts and t-shirts. Everyone had their hands in their shirts or down their shorts it seemed. Once we started working out though we warmed up pretty quick.

In class today we had a bit of lecture that almost nobody could stay awake for, then we went to the lab for the rest of the day. This was a life saver because I couldn’t stay awake in class for nothing. At least in the lab we are doing stuff and time flies. 

PFC Metal and I took off after class and headed to the vending machine headquarters here on base. PFC Metal got a special bottle in the vending machine that put him in for a drawing to win a bunch of stuff including a big flat screen TV. After that we ate at the RFAC and then hung out in the library until the formation came over for RBK. The library is nice, but still not as great of a napping place as the IET center.

I felt tired all day and tomorrow looks like it may be similar...we have a Brigade run, so we have to get up an hour early at 3:30....grrrrrr FML!