Starbucks! - Day 110

posted Nov 25, 2011, 1:39 AM by Brandon McGuire

The beginning of the “penguin formation”. By the time it was complete there were a number of soldiers crowded around in a big circle until they had to actually fall in.

(Original Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010)

This morning when everyone formed up for PT it was pretty cold. A lot of the guys ended up in a “penguin formation” where they were all huddled together to keep warm. Today also turned out to be a weapons PT day. There were racks of dummy M-16s that each soldier had to pick up  on the way out to the PT formation. What a bummer, I thought I left weapons PT behind when I left basic. Luckily I’m getting a pass today because I need to battle buddy PFC Metal to the hospital today so he can pick up his glasses. (He made sure to make an appointment at 7:00AM so we would not have to do what we thought was going to be an AGR for PT). When we arrived back to class we heard that there was indeed a run this morning and everyone had to carry their M-16 occasionally raising it above their head (military press style) when Sgt. Kent called it out. I heard there were a number of people throwing up after this session. Turned out to be an excellent day for an appointment. Too bad we don’t have one all week because I think we’ll be having weapons PT all week.

PFC Metal and I walked to the hospital which is where the optometry place is located. Once there we had to wait for the office to open, so we watched the news on TV for a while until I noticed that there was a Starbucks inside the hospital. We headed up and ate breakfast first at the cafeteria, then went to Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee. I’m from Seattle, so this was a little taste of home for me. I ended up waiting in Starbucks while PFC Metal went to his appointment and was able to watch an entire episode of NCIS using a program on my iPhone called It was the first time I used it and I was pleasantly surprised how easy and how well it worked. Very cool! Check out the link below if you’re interested: - CBS Interactive

After his appointment we walked back to class where we did troubleshooting in the lab for most of the day. The instructors would mess something up in the CPN case and then give us a scenario. We would then have to troubleshoot the problem and show him what we found and how to fix it. The last part of the day we were given another practice test. I scored a 76% this time (vs. the 56% last time), so I guess the studying has paid off a little. I am still planning on studying tonight and tomorrow before our test.

After school we did our usual...go to the IET center and take a nap, go to the RFAC and eat some good food, then go to the library and wait for the RBK formation to arrive. We were in for a little surprise though when we arrived back to RBK. When coming down the hall to our room the hall was filled with IBAs (Interceptor Body Armor). These are the same things I hated wearing in basic and now it looks like we’ll be doing PT in them tomorrow morning. To top it off I also found out that PFC Metal and I have the last hall guard shift as well (this shift entails a lot more duties than the rest). FML!! Charlie company barracks are starting to look a lot better now.

Go Navy! There was a person who I guess wasn’t feeling too well at the hospital this morning all spread out on the chairs in the waiting room.

Our surprise IBAs waiting for us when we arrived back to RBK