To Certify or To Not Certify - Day 100

posted Nov 24, 2011, 3:17 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010)

We ended up having a light run for pt this morning. We released to run at our own pace down the street and back again multiple times. I took it a little easy, but not noticeably easy. My entire body is sore and I need a little recovery time, the weekend can’t come soon enough.

Took the certification test first thing in the morning once we got to school. Since it’s a certification test those of us taking it all had to go to a special testing room that was a bit more stringent on all the rules.

I took this test the same as the one yesterday...slowly and methodically. I also had a Mountain Dew for the caffeine. We were all also given mints because they were supposed to help us on the This time when we finished we were able to see our score right away, so we knew if we certified or not. I ended up passing the test and getting my certification (which is actually required by all 25B, so everyone else will have to eventually get theirs or else they will end up not being able to do a lot of the work). I also later found out that I actually broke the record for the schoolhouse with the highest score ever on this certification exam. I guess all that studying and stressing out has paid off!

We were released until after lunch when we had to form up for our new class “CPN”. It is actually located in another schoolhouse filled with mostly students from another battalion. So we are in a new building with a whole different set of rules. No food or candy at all as well as no backpacks or bags. We have to leave our camelbaks in the back of the classroom and there are no drinks at all at the desks. This means no Mountain Dew for me when I really need it. The chairs are way more comfortable which may make it even harder to stay awake in this class. I say about 5 people fall asleep this first day, it’s going to be interesting. The lecture we had was pretty acronym intensive. My brain has been so fried getting through security+ that I think it all went in one ear and out the other. The teacher was going so fast and all the material was brand new. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up a little better next week after a weekend to relax.

I went to eat after class and didn’t realize that was when the safety briefing was going on. I think I can manage this weekend without it though, I just have to remember not to do drugs, drink and drive, or beat my wife....easy enough.

PFC Metal’s wife came to town and gave us a ride back to RBK in her air conditioned car...nice. Time to kick back and relax.