Weekend Wrap-up - Day 101 & 102

posted Nov 24, 2011, 3:18 PM by Brandon McGuire

PFC Metal falling asleep during dinner at the DFAC...after a long tiring weekend

(Original Date: Monday, September 27, 2010)

I had hall guard Friday night at 10:30 for an hour. It seems like the shifts keep coming more often lately. The problem is that there have been a number of people who have left RBK in our company as well as Bravo and Delta because they have graduated. The companies have not replaced as many over here that have left, so there are less people now more than ever it seems. This causes the hall guard roster to rotate pretty quickly. The hour shifts aren’t too bad, but I also have a 6 hour shift coming up as well.

Since it’s the weekend I slept with earplugs in because I didn’t have to worry about getting up the next morning. Even though everyone in my room left for the weekend, I still wore them because you can hear people in the hall at times and I didn’t want to be woken up in the morning before my body decided it was time to get up.

Woke up on Saturday feeling refreshed and headed out to the PX. Once there we were bombarded by boy scouts and their parents trying to sell us popcorn. It was like a swarm of bees attacking us, they were everywhere. I have purchased it in the past at my old job and actually like it, but since we are not allowed to have food in the barracks I had to pass. I picked up some supplies and got a haircut, then headed back to the barracks and ordered some Hungry Howies pizza....mmmmm good stuff.

Saturday night we took out our old roommate from RBK since this will be his last weekend here before he heads out to Korea. We went to Hooters and watched the UFC fight. Everyone had a fun time, he’s a good guy and will be missed here. We got back around 1:30AM. I took what seemed like a short nap and then had to wake up at 6:30AM for the other hall guard shift only this one is 6 hours long. For the most part all we do is sit in a chair with our laptops the entire time. I watched the latest Robin Hood movie with Russell Crow and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I’ve seen a number of Robin Hood movies, but this is the first one that has told the story of before he became Robin Hood and what drove him to it. I was also able to watch some Tosh.O episodes I have on my laptop....that is a funny show!

After the hall guard shift I took a nap for a few hours and then got ready for recall formation. We had to show up in our winter pt uniform so the sergeants could see that everyone had everything they needed before the weather starts to get cold. There were new people again this week (I heard about 16 of them). One of them was next to me in formation with a look of shock on his face. I asked him which basic he came from and he said Benning. I told him I remember my first formation here at AIT. Coming straight from basic where at the position of attention or parade rest meant there is no moving or talking at all. Here in all the formations no matter what position people are in there is a lot of movement and talking. I remember being in shock watching all of it the first time, but I guess you get used to it pretty quick. I said it’s hard to keep your military bearing in this kind of environment and he said he wouldn’t lose his...time will tell.

Now that I’m out of security+ and do not have mandatory study hall I should be able to keep up with my blog nightly instead of waiting until the weekend to update the entire week. I also had some time lately to edit the video from the DVD I purchased in basic. I’ve put video clips up from the various parts of basic. There are some in reception such as when we got hair cuts and shots. There are also some of the main events in basic such as the confidence course, obstacle course, shooting on the range and more.