Beat the Heat Drill Sergeant - Day 6

posted Nov 14, 2011, 1:11 AM by Brandon McGuire

A photo over each of the urinals I thought was kind of funny. You watch your pee come out and compare the color to the chart above the urinal to see if you are adequately hydrated 

(Original Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010)

These entries are from the letters that Brandon has mailed to me. 

This morning I had the fire guard - woke up everyone at 3:45 instead of 4:00am because we were told to report down in the classroom at 4:45am. When we got down there the DS’s seemed a little confused as to what and where we were supposed to go. After a bit of discussion they lead us all to the medical for guess what?… more shots! (with a couple of nasal sprays as a bonus) We got there before they opened and had to sit in a line on the floor in the hall ‘till they came and opened the joint. I’ve heard stories of people passing out, but after all these shots we’ve had nobody has passed out yet. I think I may be immune to all diseases known to man now. LOL! 

Breakfast was after that, then we headed back to classroom 1 where the cadre (these are all the processing sergeants and staff) helped out everyone who had issues with their clothing or boots and such. We then headed out to a field where we practiced some of the basic movements such as “attention” and “about face”. It was warm here at Ft. Benning, so at certain intervals the DS would have everyone stop and drink. (We all have to wear these things called camel-baks. These are small back packs that we can fill with water, they have a tube that comes around the front with an adapter you can suck the water out of. This is part of our required uniform whenever we go outside here at basic.) So the DS had everyone shot “Beat The Heat Drill Sergeant, Beat The Heat”. After a bunch of those we would start practicing again. Lunch came and went, then the DS divided our bay up almost down the middle and had us all move to classroom 2. We were then informed we would be going down range (to basic) on Thursday for sure and that half this bay would most likely be a company. I sure hope so because here are some real jokers on the other side. Oe of those jokers I’ll call “Pvt. Pusher”. He likes to push everyone’s button, he an agitator and doesn’t take anything seriously. He’s always doing something stupid in formation. That’s going to get him and his company in a lot of trouble.

Later the DS was telling everyone to drink, when he say not everyone was drinking he said “open your mouth and suck on it, I wanna see everyone with the tube in their mouth.” Of course he saw someone who didn’t listen and we all had to get in “front leaning rest position” (there is no rest for that position) We also had the tube in our mouth while he made us stat doing push-ups. People started coughing and choking. Luckily we didn’t have to do too many.

After dinner bay leaders had to report to the DS office. This kind of sucked because it took forever and it was eating up my personal time. Finally we found out we’re getting an inspection at 4:45am tomorrow. We also have a list of items that everyone needs to have in their duffle bag. Tomorrow may be interesting.