Clean, Clean, Clean - Day 11

posted Nov 17, 2011, 5:02 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Monday, April 26, 2010)

These entries are from the letters that Brandon has mailed to me. His writing at times can be a bit difficult to determine his words... bare with me, I do my best, especially with army terms.

Last night I was on Fire Guard duty from 3am to 4am. Fire Guard is one of those things nobody likes to do, but everyone does it at least a few times a week. What makes it worse now is the DS changed some of the rules because there were some problems with people getting up on time and the previous uniform incident. Now fireguard has to be woken up 1/2 hour before their shift instead of 15 minutes and we have to be in full ACU uniform instead of our PT uniforms (shirt, shorts and sneakers)

As another punishment we had to get up at 5am today instead of 6am like the rest of the company. I’m still pretty sore from all the smoking we got yesterday along with the PT test. I’m glad Sunday’s are a day a rest from training and PT. My big toes are numb on the outside of each. There are few others that are having the same issue. Something with these boots we wear is pinching a nerve or something. I’ll be in sneakers most of the day today except for church. We have to wear the full ACU uniform to church service.

Just like last Sunday, no training. Does not mean we will be doing nothing. We have to deep clean our bay. We’ll be moving all the beds and lockers so we can buff out the entire floor. We also had to deep clean the bathrooms and courtyard area.

Went to church, that was a nice little get-away from cleaning since 5am. The service definitely wasn’t long enough though. There were a lot of people there, we had to use the overflow seating.

It seems every muscle in my body is sore today. I think the worst was what the DS called “the Indy 500”. We had to take a step (with hands on our head the whole time) and squat to the ground, get back up and take another step alternating legs and squat again. We had to do 4 laps around our bay. When I walked down our stairs this morning my legs felt like jello. 

The pink eye has spread, There is one more confirmed case and another suspected case. The bad thing is that they are both right next to my bunk. I’ve been trying to wash my hands even more and use hand sanitizer any time I think of it. Hopefully I will not catch it!

During all the cleaning one guy went into the stall in our bathroom and actually fell asleep. LOL. He said he woke up with his head on the toilet paper. Sleep deprivation is affecting everyone. While in church, I looked down my row and beside me everyone was asleep except for two people. There are no DSs there to make you get out of your seat and do push-ups.

Everyone is talking about what they want to go eat once they get out of here. The food here isn’t too bad, but there is no time to eat and enjoy it. It is also a bit healthier for the most part - no fast food type items. All the talk about everyone’s favorite foods made me hungry. I could go for pizza and an oreo blizzard right now. mmmmmm. 

We were given this week’s schedule, Land Navigation another obstacle course and the dreaded gas chamber are all on the menu. 

Update on the guy who had to go to the hospital in my platoon. He got a bad spider bite on his butt and I guess it got infected too. He’s back with us, just on bed rest with medication. I guess I’ll call him “Pvt. Spiderman”. Other nicknames…”Vin Diesel” (a guy who’s voice sounds just like Vins); “Douche” ( a guy who’s real last name rhymes with douche...formally known as “Boston”. 

Shoot’em in the head…Shoot’em in the head…Kill ‘em…reload and shoot’em again.

Tonight was very laid back. For the first time since starting basic. After dinner we finished up the few things we had left to clean. Our DS left early because something came up. The other platoon’s DSs checked in on is from time to time. We double checked with one of them to make sure we could shower and he said yes…shower whenever you want, just make sure it’s done before 21:00 (it was only 19:00). So I quickly grabbed all my stuff and took a long hot shower. Very awesome!

During the time the DS was here he ran into someones fart. He asked who did it and when the guy raised his hand he said “drop” (aka push-ups). While the guy was doing push-ups he said “Don’t talk our of your ass you” LOL.

Overheard Quote: “in Cadence…Push!!!” (in the latrine (bathroom) all the stalls were full and a guy was trying to get things moving)

I remember that quote that was to funny
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