Private Home School - Day 3

posted Nov 13, 2011, 5:14 AM by Brandon McGuire

Pvt Home School trying to do push-ups with the help of a battle buddy and the encouragement of everyone else

(Original Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010)

These entries are from the letters that Brandon has mailed to me. 

Not much has happen yet today, just a shot and breakfast. There was a guy at my table who drew all the DS’s attention, he was shaking and not looking to good. The DS asked him what was wrong and why he has a medical bracelet on. He said the bracelet was because he wasn’t thinking very good thoughts and he had to visit medical. The DS asked what was wrong now and he said he couldn’t finish his food. The DS said well get up and get out of here. Having four DS’s around your table while eating isn’t comfortable. 

Now onto a guy I’m going to call Private Home School. He seems to have lived a very sheltered life. He is the guy who I think is going to break. Today after breakfast right outside of the D-Fac he threw up! I know my stomach hasn’t been right, but I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

While in formation, a guy walked in with a DS. The DS said this guy loves ice cream. That got my attention. The DS started yelling at him. He ended saying “Ice cream is like sex for the first time. Once you start enjoying it, it’s over!”

Right now we’re in our barracks learning how to make our beds. Everyone was done and shooting the poop (I was writing today’s note). The DS came in and saw two people on their phones and took them away. Wonder what kind of trouble we’ll be in? The DS was like a ninja, came in and nobody saw him until it was too late. 

So just as I was about to write another update… DS comes in again all pissed off. He “heard” someone whistle at cat at a female sergeant. No one did. I think he was still pissed off from the phone incident earlier. We got our first official smoking. Everyone had to get in the starting push-up position (the up position) and hold it while the DS walked around asking who did it. No one fessed up, so the DS flipped a few bunks then left.

Back to Pvt.Home School, today is his 20th birthday. A bunch of guys wanted him to do 20 push-ups. He was really struggling after 5. He’s gonna be in some deep shit soon! I can’t believe he didn’t try to get in shape before coming.

So its a bit later in the day and I’m pretty sore and tired. We had to pack up everything and move our stuff to another barracks. I had my huge bag, my laundry bag and my personal backpack all at the same time and upstairs. It got a little warm. LOL! We also got our second smoking. This time we started in the up position for pushup then DS said down, everyone laid down and he screamed “Do not lay on the ground”. We had yo hold ourselves up about an inch off the ground. We only had to do a few. Lots of grunts and groans, just a little taste of what’s to come.

Later on…what a day. We have be on our feet so much today everyone was complaining. Blisters and sore feet because of these new boots. “Number One” nickname for this huge guy in our company, (number one is his roster number and it just stuck) had to guard a guy in another company most of the day. The guy went AWOL, just tried to run off the base! We haven’t even started basic yet and this guy flipped out! With “runners” I found out they take their shoelaces and they have a medical bracelet on, Pretty crazy!

A clip from a DVD I purchased near the end of basic training. 

This shows the process we went through to get our hair cuts at Fort Benning.