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Fitness: Month 1 Assessment

posted Nov 8, 2011, 4:35 AM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Monday, February 1, 2010)

In order to pass basic I need to score at least a 50 in each of the three areas.

100% scores (for my age group):

2-Mile Run: 13:18

Push-ups (2 minute time limit): 75

Sit-ups (2 minute time limit): 76

Starting scores (December 31st)

2-Mile Run: 22:30 = 16 points

Push-ups: 43 = 67 points

Sit-ups: 37 = 54 points

Total: 137

1st Month Assessment (January 31st)

2-Mile Run: 15:53 = 76 points

Push-ups: 56 = 81 points

Sit-ups: 38 = 55 points

Total: 212

Overall I am pleased with the progress made so far especially with the 2-mile run. I admit I was a little surprised that I didn’t score better in the sit-ups. Maybe it was the greasy pizza I had for lunch, or not enough water, who knows. What I do know is that I have to work a little harder for the next two months. I saw the biggest increase in my cardio doing the two-mile run. I found that if I start at a certain pace until I get my second wind, that I usually have enough left at the end of the run for a sprint to the finish. When I first started I could barely keep up with the 5.5 mph pace and now I’m starting at 6.9 and gradually increasing it from there for the entire run.

The plan for next month:

I will keep doing the cardio in a similar fashion. Increase my starting pace by a little each week and then kicking it up as I get near the end of the two-mile. The push-ups and sit-ups will be changed all together. I don’t think I’ve been doing nearly enough of them. I’m going to increase the sheer number of them and see if that helps out at all. My biggest disappointment is that I only increased the sit-ups by one rep. That is pretty sad for a month of training and I’m barely achieving a passing score on them. I will do a number of sets each day of both push-ups and sit-ups. Instead of doing a max of 75 every other day, I will try to do more of them, more often and not concentrate so much on the rest time in-between sets.