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Fitness: Month 2 Assessment

posted Nov 10, 2011, 7:22 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010)

In order to pass basic I need to score at least a 60 in each of the three areas.

100% scores (for my age group):

2-Mile Run: 13:18

Push-ups (2 minute time limit): 75

Sit-ups (2 minute time limit): 76

Starting scores (December 31st)

2-Mile Run: 22:30 = 16 points

Push-ups: 43 = 67 points

Sit-ups: 37 = 54 points

Total: 137

1st Month Assessment (January 31st)

2-Mile Run: 15:53 = 76 points

Push-ups: 56 = 81 points

Sit-ups: 38 = 55 points

Total: 212

2nd Month Assessment (March 1st)

2-Mile Run: 17:47 = 60 points

Push-ups: 44 = 68 points

Sit-ups: 42 = 60 points

Total: 188

Garbage In … Garbage Out! Not too happy with this 2nd month assessment. Although I technically passed all the tests, I actually did not improve in two of the three. I’m going to blame it on last weekend and probably the entire previous week as well. I ate so much crap last week and during the weekend it is no wonder I didn’t do very well. I had a lot of ice cream and sugar without a lot of real food. My desire to satisfy my sweet tooth has been a little overwhelming lately. Perhaps it is because I know I will not get any candy while in basic. Subconsciously I think my body is trying to get all the sugar it can before it gets cut off cold turkey. Ha. I definitely need to do some better eating and work out a little more. I think I’ve been undisciplined in both of these areas. Sometimes when I am running I feel like I have energy left over, but during this assessment I felt as if I were sucking wind the entire time. I had side aches on both of my sides and it seemed I could never catch my breath. I even had to slow down to a walk twice before getting back up to a run again. I am glad that I had a passing score and I am glad I was able to improve my “problem area” (the Sit-ups), but all in all this was a crappy assessment. I have one month left to get in better shape.