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Fitness Week 12

posted Nov 11, 2011, 5:41 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010)

Week 12: Weight = 189.2

Sun: a day of rest

Mon: 1.66 mile jog outside 14:07

Tue: a day of rest (and indulgence)

Wed: Weight Lifting (chest/arms) Sit-ups 3 x 30 reps

Thurs: a day of rest

Fri: Push-ups 1 x 30 reps

Sat: hike up Saddle Rock

Notes: I’m finding myself trying to enjoy some of the foods and restaurants that I know I will not be able to enjoy for a while. It’s hard to balance working out with having a good time and enjoying some great meals. 

This will be the last actual post of my fitness routines. I am winding down with the workouts. I will continue to do some push-ups and sit-ups as well as a run or two this last week. When I look back at my original plans and goals I see that fell far short of where I thought I would be at this point. I do think I have built a solid foundation that I will be able to improve upon once I get to basic. I don’t think I will have any issues actually passing the fitness test in the end. My goal is to do a little better each time they test us.

and you beat me up saddle rock... never thought i'd see that day my still pissed about that ! hah! i'll list my 10 excuses later....
Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 10:33 PM