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The Beginning of the End

posted Nov 11, 2011, 6:02 PM by Brandon McGuire

(Original Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010)

After picking up a few of the last minute items I believe I’m almost ready as far as packing goes. We purchased a backpack to throw everything in. I figured it would be the easiest way to carry everything around. I was going to try and bring everything in a carry-on, but I am afraid with all the new airline security measures that this would not be possible. I do have nail clippers in my bag you know lol, but it was the shaving cream that I was really unsure about. So the backpack will be checked in at the airport and then I will have no worries (unless they end up losing it which would really suck). We also picked up stamps at Costco and put half of them on envelopes that I will be taking with me. The other half will be for my wife and kids to use. The backpack is almost entirely packed, I still have a few things left to throw in there such as my razor and my new mouth guard that I need to fit tonight. 

I also have to check on some paperwork. The Future Soldier Center sent me an email with a checklist on it. One of the items is “a certified copy of spouse’s valid photo ID. (Recruiter can have this certified at MEPS by a guidance counselor)”. I sent my recruiter an email asking about this and he said he had never heard of such a thing. He’s going to check into it and let me know when I check in with him on Friday. 

I’ve been using a program called “Zenbe Lists” ( to keep track of everything I need to pack and do before I leave. It can be used from a website and also my iPhone. They sync any changes made so the website and multiple iPhones (or iPod Touches) stay up to date. We have been using it for our grocery lists, but it has really come in handy to make sure I get everything done before I take off. 

You can check out the app from the iApps link on the sidebar to the left.

I have two more days left of work and one weekend left before I leave. The weekend happens to be Easter weekend, which should turn out nice because my entire family is planning to get together at my sister’s house where we will be staying. The only bummer is that we will have to leave around 1PM on Easter. We will then make the 6-hour drive to Spokane so my wife can drop me off. (The alternative was a free ticket from the Army to ride the Greyhound bus from Wenatchee to Spokane… no thank you)